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A Case of Equilibrium explores the relationship between cyclical systems that occur, whether by deliberate choices, or natural forces, to sustain balance. The book investigates two particular cyclical events; the Gulf Stream ocean current and personal movement within a structural space. The two form a personal connection based on geographic location. They are built around stability and intentionality while considering constants that occur throughout cycles to maintain equilibrium.


During my research, I formed a poetic relationship between the Gulf Stream ocean current and its directed movement with my own. The interpretation of two separate cyclical systems, operating on very different scales while still being complimentary, is the project's foundation. The objective that they work together simultaneously is what I hope to translate into my work.


While researching the Gulf Stream, I found the current correlates' intentional movement with how our bodies maintain balance through homeostasis. The ocean current has properties similar to a homeostatic system. It is a self-regulating cycle. The interaction between the two is what led to reflecting on how I am also a vessel, made of mostly water, that transports heat from place to place.

2020. Edition of 25.

5.25 x 8.5"; 14 panels including pastedowns. Double sided accordion. Letterpress Printed using photopolymer and placemats on French Paper Smart White. 

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